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Lesbian Incest WHAT?

Last night my dreams were dark and filled with incest.

I was at my grandmother's house with a few people. I guess I had tried to communicate with spirits or something before throwing a giant party. The spirits or ghosts or what-have-you didn't appear to me, so I left the room started to bring in the first few guests. They come on in, milling around in the living room.

As soon as I see the people talking to one another and just... doing normal party things, I started to feel... wrong. I looked toward the hallway and as soon as I saw the door to the room I did my seance, I knew that something terrible was happening. I looked at the other three doors in the hallway and it confirmed it. There was something bad in each room. Something very, very bad.

I welcome more guests, and I realized that one of them was a paranormal investigator who could talk to ghosts. I asked her if she would help me with a little problem. She agreed and I walked her into the living room that was connected to the hallway. I didn't want to go anywhere NEAR the hallway, so I just pointed and said, "I think I have a little problem."

She just blinked, looking confused, then suddenly her expression changed, and it was clear she knew exactly what I was talking about. "I'll take a look," she said to me, giving me a reassuring squeeze on the shoulder.

She walks down the hallway and stops in front of the first door... the one I had my little seance in. She cautiously turns the door handle and steps in, shutting the door behind her. I watch the door nervously, then feel this strange, overwhelming pulse in the air. Only a few of the party-goers notice, and they quickly shake it off.

The paranormal investigator quickly dashes out of the room, shutting the door quickly behind her. Beckons me closer with a finger.

"You've definitely got a problem," she said, looking very pale. She turns to look at the door across from the one she just exited. "I'm just going to check..."

She opens the door just wide enough to allow her through... as if she's trying to keep something from escaping. No sooner than the door clicks shut behind her, she starts screaming. And screaming. I open the door and I'm hit with a wave of fear and nausea, though I can't see anything but the poor girl standing there screaming for her life. I grab her arm and yank her out, slamming the door behind me.

By now, many of the party-goers are staring. As I search for an explanation, the door behind me swings open. My terrified friend screams again, and I push her toward the exit. "Run. Get out of here."

I turn to the party and say, "Everyone please exit. Get out of here as fast as you can. Go!"

I rush people toward the exit and suddenly I'm hit with that wave of nausea again. Seven people around me collapse to the ground, twitching for a few seconds, then dying.

More screaming. Everyone rushes toward the door. More people die. We're up to a dozen dead bodies littering the living room. Once everyone is out, we're all waiting outside.

More people show up for the party. I tell them not to go inside, but they don't listen to me. Many go in, Some come out. I can sense the dark presence in every window I look upon, and I realize that whatever it is has been feeding on the people it has killed. Their deaths made it stronger.

Those who leave the house stay with the rest of us on the lawn, waiting for something. For some reason we all can't leave. And as the crowd grows it begins to take up the entire block. Everyone's muttering to one another, trying to make sense of the entire situation.

That's when I see my little sister. She walks up to the house and I get this strange, strange vision.

In this vision I realize that I'm actually in the past, and that the party already happened and almost everyone died. My sister included, though I live. I realize that my sister is supposed to die, and that going back into the past was not to save her, but to save many others.

Even seeing this vision, I wasn't going to let it happen. I ran up to my sister, grabbed her arm and said, "You're not going in there. You're not going to die! You're coming with me."

I ran off, dragging her by the arm. She seemed to comply, which was appreciated.

Behind me, there was a massive explosion. A car blew up. A muffler came flying toward Kayla and I, and I pulled her to the ground just in time to watch it zoom past us and crash into a tree trunk. I realized that death would be trying to take Kayla, so I start running.

Here's where the dream shifts over. This is the more interesting read, so if you'd like to cut to the chase, click below.

We're running. We have to get away.

My younger sister and I have no clue where we're going. All we know is that the uncertainty of our current circumstances is far better than what we know we'll face back home.

They're following us. We know it, but there's nothing we can do about it except run and hope like hell we can hide.

Our current surroundings don't give us much hope. We've been running for some time, and now we're out in this truck-stop of a town right next to the freeway. We need to stop someplace and wait until night before we run again. It's just too open out there. Nothing but a hazy, distant horizon, a few diners and gas stations, and the roaring chaos of the freeway. If we were to continue Eastward now, we could be seen for miles.

I wished my brother was with me. Then we could catch a ride with someone and it would get us out of here quicker. But two young girls all alone? No. Never. We're capable of a lot, but we're nowhere near strong enough to push away the advances of a determined agressor. At least I don't think we are...

I opt to head into one of the diners. I have a little cash left, so we'll have enough for an early dinner. We have a few hours until sunset, so the plan is to try and stay indoors until we've got the night to cover our tracks.

We walk into the nearest diner, melting into the warmth inside. It's cold out there.

I smooth back some of my sister's auburn hair and smile at her. The food smells good and we haven't been indoors for days. She takes a lock of my chesnut hair and twirls it around her finger. I grin and nudge her toward a booth, telling her I'll be with her in just a moment.

I head in the direction of the restrooms. I'm dying to wash my hands. They're cold and covered in grit, and I haven't had the chance to wash them since I left.

As I exit the restrooms and round the corner toward the lobby, I all but collide with someone.

"Ooph!" I say, then quickly appologize. When I look up and see who it is, my blood freezes. It's her. The one who has been chasing us for the last four days.

I'm scared, and I quickly whisper into my sister's mind that she must find some way to escape or hide. We're in danger.

I speak before I can really think. I'm not entirely certain, but I think my little sister forced the words through me. Our minds are so close to one another that it is entirely possible, though we had never actually tried to do it before.

"I'm so sorry Nanna," I sob, hugging her around the middle and crying onto her shoulder. "I'm so tired of running. I just want to go home."

Nanna is old. Short, curling gray hair frames her face, and the wrinkles etched into her face spell out the coldness in her. She is serious to extremes.

She takes me by the shoulders and puts me at arm's length. She studies my face, looking deep into my eyes... reading me as my sister reads me, only this intrusion is not welcome. She takes her rough old thumb and wipes away a smudge of dirt from my face.

"You're filthy," she says. "You're sixteen years old and you still can't manage to take care of the simplest things. Your twelve-year-old sister can do it, but not you. Oh, how you disappoint me."

As soon as she mentioned my sister, I panic. Did the other two find her? Is she safe? Did she get out?

Before I can dwell, I feel the comforting reassurance of her mind pressing on my own. She's still here and she's safe.

You're learning fast, I tell her with my mind. You're going to have to teach me when we get some time for ourselves.

I could, she whispered back, ...unless you'd rather do something else.

I blush at the implication and Nanna smirks. She thinks she wounded me with her disappointment in me. I don't think she realized how little I cared about what she had to say.

"I'm going to go pay the bill, and you're going to go wait in the car with your brother and your older sister. When I get back, you will tell me where your little sister is hiding."

She pushes me toward the door and I reluctantly step out into the cold. In the front I see my brother and older sister in the back of the car. My sister, the only blonde of the four of us (and much thicker in stature, I might add) blinks her sad blue eyes at me. My brother looks straight ahead, his eyes looking dead. He must have felt awful, having to use his abilities to track us down. He would have come with us if he could have, but Nanna took him with her to find the Oracle. She left my older sister in charge when she was gone.

Now, my big sister isn't the brightest thing on the planet. Very strong, but she's slow to put two and two together. She's a stout follower of rules, more because they make life easier for her to understand than if she went by her own code of ethics. I don't think she has the smarts to challenge rules.

On the night my little sister and I left, I felt bad for my older sister. She would be sad to see us go, and she would probably get in trouble for letting us escape... but the plans for this escape had long-since been ironed out and she wouldn't stand a chance of discovering our exodus until it was too late.

I look her in the eyes. I give her an appologetic look, then I dart around the back of the restaurant. I can hear her fumbling with the car door, then her belt buckle.

I shout to my younger sister to meet me at the back of the restaurant and I get the whispered response that she'll make a move when she can.

Then, without warning, someone comes from behind a dumpster and grabs me. He's wearing a black robe and what appears to be a fancing mask made with orange nylon-type cloth. I can't see his face at all. He clamps a gloved hand over my mouth, and he begins to hum. I struggle in his arms. The air around me begins to quiver like the air over hot pavement and I stop my struggling. I've seen this before. It's a cloaking spell... and a damn good one.

His humming stops, but the air continues its spectacle.

My older sister rushes past without so much as a glance, and she rounds the next bend. She passes us by one more time before mumbling to herself and returning to the car.

I hear Nanna's voice. She speaks harshly to my older sister, and once again I feel that stab of guilt. My fault. Nanna comes around the corner with my brother in tow.

"She is in a car," he says flatly. I felt a fierce pride in him, seeing him risk serious punishment just so I could have a head start. He pointed West. "Going in that direction. Soon she will turn South. That is where the other is hiding."

"Then let's go," Nanna said harshly, shoving him toward the car. In a matter of seconds, they were speeding off to the West.

The boy removes his hand from my mouth, smooths down my hair, then whispers a single word that I didn't quite catch. The cloaking spell and the boy shimmer away.

I hear a door open, and out walks my little sister. I run up to her, wrap her in my arms, and kiss her.

"I have a spell," she says quietly. "A boy gave it to me when I was hiding under the table." She procedes to describe the same boy who helped me hide from Nanna. We both go puzzle over what it must mean, but we decide to let it wait until after we get away.

"The spell will take us to a safe house," she says. "I've looked it over, and I don't see anything wrong or tricky about it. The house itself is a few blocks away from where we'll arrive."

I agree that we're better off at least trying the spell. Anything is better than going back to Nanna.

She takes me in her arms, which are as covered in cuts and scars as mine are, and whispers the spell. The world around us whirrs, and suddenly we're elsewhere. The town itself is much warmer than the little truckstop town, and we're much more comfortable in our t-shirts. I could tell we had traveled about five hundred miles or so from where we were last. We had one hell of a head start.

I kiss the newest cuts on her arms and she lightly strokes mine. We're both eager to find someplace private. There was an abandoned old barn nearby, so we slipped inside.

After many depraved acts (
which, unfortunately I didn't get to see in the dream) we fall asleep in the barn.

The next day we wake up. We start scouring the neighborhood, trying to find our safe house. Both my sister and I have a vague idea of where it is, and we both feel we'd know it when we see it, but we can't seem to find it.

We turn down a street that feels right, and a few blocks away we see Nanna and our older sister being led by our brother. They're plodding along at an even pace. My sister and I dash through someone's yard and into an alleyway. We keep going until we find ourselves face-to-face with our safe house, which is actually a giant cathedral. We head inside, certain we'll be caught if we don't.

As soon as we're inside, we're filled with a sense of calm. A sense that someone else or something else is in control of our fate. We're safe from Nanna.

We climb the stairs to the highest room and look outside. There we see Nanna with our brother and sister. They come in, and before we have a chance to make our escape, they're up the stairs and in our room.

Nanna is on a tirade, shouting at us. Our older sister is standing there looking sad, and our brother won't even look at us.

Nanna keeps shouting. "You cannot be trusted. You two should expect serious punishment for this. You're an embarrassment to our family. You will learn as we tell you to learn and you will respect your boundaries. If I must torture you to get it into your heads, I will. If your mother only knew how horrid you have turned out, she would have killed you at birth."

She casts a binding spell, and I can feel them on my wrists and ankles, but they slip off.

Did yours slip off too, I ask my little sister.
Yes, she replies, and I think there is someone in this building helping us.
Do you think it's the boy in the orange mask?

Nanna's back is to us, confident in her binding spells. Our brother steps forward, slipping up toward our older sister. He wraps his arms around her and whispers something into her ear. Her eyelids flutter closed and she sags in his arms. She's asleep. He slowly lays her down on the floor.

He turns toward the door and points, waving for us to exit.

The moment has a strange feel to it. Like, no matter what Nanna tried to do, we would be safe here. This was a place for us, and Nanna held no sway.

We descended the stairs, and my little sister stopped me.

"Wait! I sense a change in the house. Can you feel it? It's like we're being welcomed." She has an excited, amazed look in her eye.
I feel it too, and after a moment or two I understand it. "It's eager for the blood we can give it."

I move forward and kiss her, a hand cupping her small breast. Our soft tongues meet, and we feel that the moment is perfect. There is no danger upstairs. Nanna can't hurt us anymore.

I lead her down the stairs to a pulpit surrounded by wine-colored velvet curtains. She feels up my thighs, then slips her hand into my panties, her small, soft fingers gently stroking me. I kiss her deeply, then take both of her hands, stopping to kiss them. I lay her down on an altar, lift up her skirt, and pull down her panties.

I give her slit a little kiss. She lays her arms flat on the altar, and I reach for the knife I keep in a sheath at my thigh. The knife is missing.

Quite suddenly, the curtains begin to part. My sister sits up, pulling her panties back into place and straightening her dark red hair. Standing in the center of the room is the boy with the orange mask. In one hand he's holding a chalice. In another hand he's holding my knife.

"Who are you?" I ask, standing up and walking toward him.

He pulls off his mask. It's my brother. He grins and winks, and I rush forward and hug him. He wraps his arms around me. Then it's my little sister's turn to for a hug.

"How could you be in two places at once?" I'm swimming with curiosity.

"I've made a mimic," he says, rubbing his red hair with the hand that holds the knife. "He does what I tell him to. Our Sis isn't bright enough to tell the difference between me and a dummy... and Nanna isn't close enough to any of us to sense that anything is off." He chuckles. "I thought you'd catch on right away, but I guess you're out of practice."

He steps forward and kisses my forhead. "I missed you two. I'm sorry I couldn't be there when you split. I would have come along if I could have. But I did what I could when I got back. It took me forever to get this house ready for us. It has been in the family for years, but it couldn't remember why it served us. I had to re-teach it."

He lightly ran the blade down my arm, sending pleasurable chills through my body.

"Now we're safe here. It knows and loves our blood. It wants us."

With no warning, he pushes up my skirt and presses his hand against my cunt. I gasp, never having had this kind of contact with my brother before. "You're wet sis," he whispers.

My little sister takes the knife from him and cuts a burning red line into my arm. The blood comes out in beautiful, glittering red beads. I sigh, and my sister kisses me.

My brother catches the blood in the chalice and hands it to my sister. She sets it at the base of the altar, and that same warm, welcoming feeling washes over us.

Our little family is together. We are safe. We are home.

So that was my strange series of dreams. Very vivid. Especially the dialogue. The two parts that really stuck out in my mind were when "I" (I clearly wasn't exactly me. I was some sixteen year old girl with chestnut hair. "Chestnut" was the exact impression I got. Not brown. Chestnut.) said "It's eager for the blood we can give it." and when my "sister" and I were on the altar.

Very vivid.

I think I want to make something of this. I'm kind of attached to the characters.

Oh, and want to know something odd? The brother was played by Rupert Grint. Weird.


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Jan. 16th, 2008 07:42 am (UTC)
XD why are my dreams a myriad of chaos, and yours so fucking vivid, sister?
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